The biggest shitbags in football.

Football is full of the extraordinary players who can mesmerise us with their skill and magic but there is always the players who can infuriate us with their injury feigning, diving, moaning and general underhandedness which pushes the boundaries between gamesmanship and being a complete whopper! Below will shine a light on my Top 5


Since his €30 million move to Real Madrid from Porto, Pepe has been surrounded by controversy, mostly for being a complete lunatic. Whilst he has hasn’t had the number of red cards you may think (7 in total), he has been sent off for literally trying to kick Getafe’s Javier Casquero square in the arse. Take a look at the video to see more of Pepe’s madness.


4- Didier Drogba

The Ivorian came to prominence at Chelsea after moving from Marseille in 2004. As soon he his feet touched the ground at Heathrow Airport he seemed to lose the ability to keep them there as has fallen over at every opportunity since. He is the only player to have come out and admitted his susceptibility for hitting the deck. His swan diving became that often that Rafa Benitez claimed to have compiled a dossier of Drogba’s theatrics, I wonder if any of Steven Gerrard’s may of crept in?

 3-Sergio Busquets

Barcelona’s midfield maestro often doesn’t get the recognition that his technical and tactical expertise deserves is only recently getting the credit for playing such as instrumental role in Barcelona’s success and he often has more touches in a game then Iniesta and Neymar. However he has been recognised for being a sneaky little fucker for a long time. The infamous ‘peak a boo’ to get Thiago Motta sent off in the UCL semi-final against Inter Milan to his regular falling over if someone gives him a hard stare has seen become known around the world for his shithouse antics.

 2- Luis Suarez

This serial offenders world class quality cannot be ignored along with the way he seems to court controversy. Suarez has never really had to look for trouble as trouble seems to know exactly where is he most of the time, firstly whilst at Ajax he bit Otman Bakkal during a game against PSV. He was banned for 7 games and was sold that season to Liverpool. suarez otmanThe following season he was found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Eva and was given another lengthy ban of 8 games. In the first game against Man Utd, the Uruguayan thought the best way to make amends was to refuse to shake Evra’s hand which obviously when down like a lead balloon. suarez bite ivanovicThe second biting controversy happened 18 months later when he gnawed on the shoulder of Branislav Ivanovic, there was no hiding this time and the Liverpool fan favourite stated ”I’m sad for what happened this afternoon, I apologise for Ivanovic and football world for my inexcusable behaviour.” He was swiftly given a 10 game ban. Giorgio Chiellini is the most recent victim of Suarez’s vampire habit during the 2014 World Cup. Suarez was given a 4portal-chiellini_2953707b month world wide football ban, meaning he couldn’t even train with his new Barcelona teammates after his £75 million after the World Cup alongside a 9 game ban for Uruguay. His love of sinking his teeth into people and other indiscretions have seen Luis Suarez be banned for over 40 matches.

1- John Terry

Captain, Leader, Legend, Shithouse. This one shouldn’t really take that long, Terry has demonstrated his footballing prowess at the highest level for over 10 years but his other antics also leave a lot to be desired. Firstly the mocking of American tourist days after 9/11 resulted in a fine of 2 weeks wages. A 4 month affair with a former team mates  girlfriend can never be good for one’s public image as Terry found out losing the England captaincy as a result. This was followed by racially abusing Anton Ferdinand after lip readers proved that he had used racially offensive language. Terry then tried to say that he had said the comment to himself which in its itself is completely ludicrous. john-terryFinally, after missing Chelsea’s 2012 UCL final win due to a red card in the semi final for kneeing Alexis Sanchez in the back, thinking that none of the 5000 cameras wouldn’t of seen it, ‘JT’ changed from his suit to full playing kit and shin pads to lift the trophy. This alone is worthy of the tag of utter shitbag.



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